In 2017, after finishing his Ph.D in art history at Yale, Matthew Jeffrey Abrams started an Instagram-based experimental art-criticism project. With more than 10,000 followers to date, Abrams then founded Four On The Floor, extending that experimental project into the blogosphere. Now living in New York and working full-time as a writer, critic, and scholar, Abrams spends much of his time scouring New York’s galleries and museums, and then writing about what he sees. In addition to his daily Instagram project, Abrams uses FotF to broadcast his four favorite objects currently “on the floor” in the Greater New York area. They’re less reviews than meditations on form, art history, and our contemporary cultural condition


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The project’s title self-consciously refers to the innovative percussion style of the same name. Four on the floor is a modern drumming technique where a drummer lays down a bass beat on every measure of a 4/4 rhythm. This droning pulse became the basis for disco, and later, electronic music. In its relentlessness, it stands as a metaphor for contemporary art’s similarly unstoppable march. Still unclear? Watch the legendary Earl Young break it down:

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